With the expertise of our NACE certified inspectors, F & K Rope Access Global
Limited provides cost-effective and technical efficient approach to surface preparation,
corrosion control, heat exchanger tube cleaning & pipe cleaning, etc, using grit
or hydro blasting. Our hydro blast unit is capable of delivering water at pressures
ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi and flow rates ranging from low to high
volume. To allow us to clean equipment where access is difficult or limited, F&K
Rope Access Global Limited employs specialty applications including automated
nozzle systems for boilers and a fully automatic, computerized air heater cleaning
system. Matching the appropriate equipment, specialty systems, and personnel
to our clients’ requirements allow us to perform hydro blasting services to exact
specifications and standards while maximizing safety. Our approach for surface
preparation depends on customer’s specification and requirement.